Geopathic Stress Release

Most people have not heard of Geopathic Stress.

It is caused by water, mineral fields or cavities interfering with the Earth’s natural vibration which is roughly 7.83Hz. (Schumann Resonances)

In 1929 in Germany in a place called Vilsbiburg Baron Von Pohl was asked to map all the geopathic stress in the town. He was investigating why so many people had died of cancer, up to 7 or more in one house.

On checking all these people that died of cancer had been living and sleeping on Geopathic Stress lines. He also repeated the survey in another town with the same results.

I attune the vibration of a building, energy site and all that encompases that site i.e. people, animals and vegitation, to allow that energy site to vibrate in a balanced synchronised way. I am a healing Oracle.

The high frequency caused by Geopathic Stress is so different to our brains frequency that illnesses occur.

According to WHO (World Health Organisation 30% of the world’s buildings are “Sick” with toxins to humans. Geopathic Stress is a major cause of this problem).

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How does Geopathic Stress affect us?

Early symptoms experienced in Geopathic Stress areas are headaches, restlessness, insomnia and fatigue.

Geopathic Tools

If not dealt with and you are sleeping in a Geopathic Stress area, more serious conditions can occur. E.g diseases of the central nervous system Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic fatigue Syndrome, Miscarriages, cot deaths, attention deficit syndrome, cancer.

Our bodies normally heal while sleeping, however if you are affected by Geopathic Stress your immune systems are lowered and then illness occur.

It is not just your home that can affect you, your office or workplace can be affected as well.

“Checking your home for geopathic Stress does not take much time, it is a good way for you to protect your family’s health.

Geopathic Stress Lines are easy to remove and I would recommend anyone who has not had their home checked to get it done as soon as possible.

It is relatively inexpensive and could make a real difference to your wellbeing”.

Geopathic Rods
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How would I know if my house or business is Geopathically stressed?

  • Do you feel happy and comfortable in your home or business?
  • Do you have an underlying feeling that you can’t quite pin point?
  • Do you feel better when you go away from your home or business and feel you do not want to return?
  • Do you get a restful sleep or do you wake up feeling worse in the morning?
  • Do you continually get colds or other illnesses?
  • Is there a history of cancer in the house?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Geopathic Stress just affect old homes?

Geopathic stress comes up from the centre of the earth so it can therefore affect everything from new houses to old houses, businesses, stables and sheds. Anything that is built or grows can be affected. It all depends on whether there is a line of stress on the land.

What other signs can indicate Geopathic Stress?

In areas of geopathic stress there are often more road accidents and pot holes in the roads.  (In some Countries there are road signs warning of this)

Mould grows well in geopathically stressed areas as does Lichen.  Walls can crack.

It has been found that fires may start where hay is stored or other less fireproof materials.

Look at the trees, if geopathically stressed they become twisted and deformed

How does Geopathic Stress affect animals?
BeeCats, snakes, bees and wasps like geopathic stress. Bees actually produce more honey if their hives are placed on geopathic stress lines.
Healthy catsCats love the higher energy of the geopathic stress as do snakes.
healthy horseDogs, horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and hens do not like geopathic stress. If any of these animals are confined to stables or sheds or pens that have geopathic stress running through them they can become very agitated.
Unlike humans, animals are very sensitive to geopathic stress. Some will become escape artists to get away from it. Dogs will bark incessantly, illness and infertility can occur.
How does Geopathic Stress affect Plants and Trees?

How geopathic stress affects treesTrees in general do not like geopathic stress. They will struggle to grow, some will die but those that survive can become twisted and gnarled and have lumps and bumps on them. Shrubs and hedges will struggle to survive. You may see gaps in hedges and lines of trees; this is often because a line of geopathic stress goes through the hedge or tree line. Raspberries also dislike the geopathic stress.

If I get the Geopathic Stress cleared will I notice a difference straight away?

Every case is different; some notice the change immediately, whereas others will notice subtle changes.

It is good to keep a diary, that way you can keep track of things that are different.

How do you find out that my property or business is affected by Geopathic Stress?

To detect areas that may be affected by geopathic stress we use divining rods and pendulums.

What happens to the Geopathic Stress where does it go?

The geopathic stress is diverted, so it still exists but is negated from the area concerned.

Can you help me, I have weird things happening in my house and have seen an image of someone standing in my hallway?

If you are having problems or are aware of psychic phenomena in your house, I can also clear this for you. Spirits are attracted to the higher energy of geopathic stress, so where the geopathic stress is really severe spirits can be involved. It doesn’t have to be an old house or business to have this problem.

What Our Customers Say

  • Julie

    Diana gives a wonderful massage. As deep or as light as you like. A highly skilled very professional manner.

  • Julie, Duntroon

    Diana successfully managed my muscles through preparation for and competing in my first marathon – couldn’t speak more highly of her abilities.

    Julie, Duntroon
  • Janet, Oamaru

    Diana cleared the Geopathic Stress and changed the energies in our house. It was an old Villa which had years of negative energy.

    The house was peaceful after she had been. I also got Diana to check my horses’ stables as my horses did not want to go in their stables and when they did were really spooked.

    The difference in the horses after was amazing, they were happy to go into the stables and were relaxed and not trying to charge out.

    Janet, Oamaru
  • Vanessa, Dunedin

    Diana came to my home in Dunedin and cleared the geopathic stress.

    It was noticeably peaceful afterwards, so much so, that when we sold the house the new owner commented on it.

    Vanessa, Dunedin