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Diana Hosier

I can make a difference.

I deliver the highest quality Massage, Energy Healing and Geopathic Stress treatments to provide you with Optimum Healing.


years of experience

Massage, Energy Healing and Geopathic Stress.

What Our Customers Say

  • Vanessa, Dunedin

    Diana came to my home in Dunedin and cleared the geopathic stress.

    It was noticeably peaceful afterwards, so much so, that when we sold the house the new owner commented on it.

    Vanessa, Dunedin
  • Janet, Oamaru

    Diana cleared the Geopathic Stress and changed the energies in our house. It was an old Villa which had years of negative energy.

    The house was peaceful after she had been. I also got Diana to check my horses’ stables as my horses did not want to go in their stables and when they did were really spooked.

    The difference in the horses after was amazing, they were happy to go into the stables and were relaxed and not trying to charge out.

    Janet, Oamaru
  • Julie, Duntroon

    Diana successfully managed my muscles through preparation for and competing in my first marathon – couldn’t speak more highly of her abilities.

    Julie, Duntroon
  • Julie

    Diana gives a wonderful massage. As deep or as light as you like. A highly skilled very professional manner.